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2nd February 2017
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An exhibition ANON by Paul Hill and Maria Falconer is available for suitable venues

The more people there are, the more invisible they become. Imagine a million people all travelling en masse,
they have the kind of anonymity that is only possible in large numbers.

Trapped in a system designed to manage large numbers of people, everything operating en masse, nothing is permanent. Identity is sensitive. Camps are so functional

Trapped in a system where who you are doesn’t matter, but where you come from can make the difference between life and death. But who you are does matter to those fleeing the Taliban, or Deash. They live in fear of recognition.

In order to escape from the Middle East and Africa, an identity document is a disadvantage. But in order to enter Europe to seek asylum, an identity document is essential. The one million refugees now in Europe have struggled to escape death and persecution, but the struggle continues.

To get out of their homelands and cross borders they had to become invisible until they reach their goal – Europe. Having reached us, they feel free to reclaim their identity and individuality, only to be herded together and categorized as a homogenised group, and a ‘problem’ that is tearing Europe apart.

Paul Hill and Maria Falconer worked as volunteers in the refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos and on the border of Greece and Macedonia during 2016. This has given them an insight into what they believe is the biggest issue Europe has to face in the 21st century. Through their photographs, they aim to reflect the anonymity and depersonalization that is the fate of the individuals and families who have had to flee their countries in the Middle East and Africa to stay alive, literally, economically, and psychologically.

ANON Exhibition is comprised of 15 A1 and 22 A3 mounted colour prints ready to hang. For those venues wishing to host an exhibition to coincide with Refugee Week, please contact Paul or Maria (see below). Venues will only have to pay for transport and insurance. Smaller prints from the ANON project are for sale, with proceeds going directly to assist refugees.

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