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New from the Migration Museum Project: Open the door, put down your suitcase, take off your coat, let the outside world fade away. This is where it begins. A room that you can start to call a home. A room to breathe.

16 November 2018  -  16 November 2018
room to breathe

Tate Liverpool Explore the stories of migration and the refugee crisis in Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece This project raises questions about the lived experiences of refugees on the Balkan Migration Route and will present a series of activities that will encourage you to think more deeply about what it means to be a refugee fleeing […]

12 November 2018  -  18 November 2018

This half-day event, part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, is organised in collaboration with the Department of Social Sciences, UCL to explore how different art forms can contribute to knowledge exchange and public engagement around timely research questions about migration.

07 November 2018  -  07 November 2018

Join Autograph ABP for a 2-day exchange, aiming to start a conversation about the models and methods, which could constitute a rights-focused approach to arts participation. The aim is to explore how the incorporation of social justice agendas and the upholding of ‘rights’ can shape, and challenge, the way arts engagement work is designed, produced and delivered.

18 April 2018  -  19 April 2018

Who Are We? Art, Migration And The Production Of Democracy. A week of experimental production at Tate Modern, London

22 May 2018  -  28 May 2018
who are we

Explore the Sukkot: Seeking Shelter installation after hours and enjoy art installations, crafts and talks inspired by themes of journeys, migration and shelter.

22 November 2017  -  22 December 2017

This event aims to facilitate empowering the dialogue within the culturally diverse arts sector. This event will be bringing together funders, promoters, venues and artists to help improve mainstream representations.

07 November 2017  -  07 November 2017
Platforma Post Image

The Migration Museum Project invite you to an event that brings together those interested in the Migration Museums Network for a day of learning and networking. They will share the results of the online survey we conducted about migration themes across the UK heritage sector.

06 October 2017  -  06 October 2017
british museum

This one-day conference will investigate the uncertainties of relocation and the practical and emotional challenges for children being displaced from home and moving to unfamiliar, insecure and perhaps hostile locations, with or without their families

18 July 2017  -  18 July 2017

Join us for a morning of talks and discussion where we’ll explore diverse rights-focused approaches to arts participation. Guest speakers will present a range of perspectives and methods, providing insights into how these have applied to specific audience groups they’ve worked with. Speakers will then host a series of open roundtable discussions encouraging an open dialogue and exchange of ideas

18 July 2017  -  18 July 2017

A meeting to discuss development of a South West Diverse Artists Network, where artists can share experiences & create an action plan for improving diverse representation in mainstream arts. It is co-funded by the Arts Council & Platforma.

04 May 2017  -  04 May 2017

The new Migration Museum at the Workshop in London opens to the public on 26 April 2017 at 10am.

They will stage an adventurous programme of exhibitions, events and education workshops telling stories of movement to and from Britain at our new museum, situated within the Workshop, an exciting arts and community space just off Albert Embankment.

26 April 2017  -  30 July 2017
call me by my name