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Join Autograph ABP for a 2-day exchange, aiming to start a conversation about the models and methods, which could constitute a rights-focused approach to arts participation. The aim is to explore how the incorporation of social justice agendas and the upholding of ‘rights’ can shape, and challenge, the way arts engagement work is designed, produced and delivered.

18 April 2018  -  19 April 2018

Who Are We? Art, Migration And The Production Of Democracy. A week of experimental production at Tate Modern, London

22 May 2018  -  28 May 2018
who are we

Where We Are Now by Kate Stanworth will be opening at SPACE, London, at 6.30pm on the 6th of September 2017. It is the culmination of a series of trips to Italy, Austria and Germany in which she photographed individuals who left their homes in Africa and the Middle East to start new lives in Europe.

06 September 2017  -  09 September 2017

West Midlands

Paul Hill and Maria Falconer worked as volunteers in the refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos and on the border of Greece and Macedonia during 2016. Through their photographs, they aim to reflect the anonymity and depersonalization that is the fate of the individuals and families who have had to flee their countries

17 July 2017  -  02 September 2017

The new Migration Museum at the Workshop in London opens to the public on 26 April 2017 at 10am.

They will stage an adventurous programme of exhibitions, events and education workshops telling stories of movement to and from Britain at our new museum, situated within the Workshop, an exciting arts and community space just off Albert Embankment.

26 April 2017  -  30 July 2017
call me by my name

Transmutable voices: new aesthetics of citizenship, is a mixed media “performance exhibition” with multi-faith women’s group and choir Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) developed by performer and director Jennifer Verson, multimedia artist and psychotherapist Lorena Rivero de Beer and social psychologist and photographer Pamela Mastrilli. It is based around the use of digital methods to combine singing with photography and performance art.

12 November 2016  -  12 November 2016

Socially engaging photography exhibit juxtaposing identity with global conflicts and their impact on communities. New photographic practices from the UK, Europe & the Middle East will shed light on overlooked realities – from LGBT rights, the Palestinian struggle to refugee crisis.

01 October 2016  -  31 October 2016

South East

Part interactive, part installation – this thought provoking and challenging exhibition brings together two projects retelling the human stories behind every migration. Featuring work by Giovanna Del Sarto and

02 September 2016  -  03 October 2016
A Polaroid for a Refugee

A new exhibition developed by Platforma South East network will launch with a Showcase Event on 2 July based on the Refugee Week 2016 theme ‘Welcome’. The show will bring together work created by, with and about refugees and migrants from marginalised communities.

02 July 2016  -  11 July 2016

An immersive multimedia installation which tackles themes of trauma, displacement, personal narratives and landscape. The work is an intimate account of the personal experience of travelling through an unfamiliar landscape reminiscent of the experience of refugees.

06 April 2016  -  29 May 2016