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Thread Bearing Witness is a major new series of large textiles, and other works, to be shown at the Whitworth, that considers cultural heritage, refugee displacement and movement, while engaging with individual migrants and their creativity within the wider context of the global refugee crisis.

01 September 2018  -  24 February 2019
thread bearing witness

North West

A powerful collective of international women artists based in the North West, are coming together to create a pop-up, interactive trail around Manchester Art Gallery.

07 October 2018  -  07 October 2018
stil i rise

In The New Babylonians Gil Mualem-Doron presents several socially engaged art pieces, including some previously exhibited at the Tate Modern, Liverpool Museum and the Turner Contemporary.

05 September 2018  -  27 September 2018
New Babylonians

Yorkshire and Humberside

An exhibition depicting the experience of Suzanne Partridge working as an independent artist in Calais in 2015-16

12 July 2018  -  31 August 2018

Chisenhale Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in a UK institution and a major new commission by Istanbul-based artist Banu Cennetoğlu.

29 June 2018  -  26 August 2018

North East

Newcastle City Library Previewing on the 22nd June at 6pm ISIS Arts will present Delicate Shuttle, a newly commissioned artwork by Henna Asikainen for Newcastle City Library. ISIS Arts works with both local and international artists to look into our communities and out to the world to produce work that captures and reveals the stories […]

22 June 2018  -  09 September 2018
delicate shuttle

Literary Natives curates events to celebrate and discuss writers of colour, literature, and the road to becoming a published author. The third event will take place at the Migration Museum in Lambeth, a museum dedicated to showcasing Britain’s history of migration. This event will be part of the nationwide programme of events for Refugee Week 2018.

24 June 2018  -  24 June 2018
Literary Natives event flyer

South East

In a cutting-edge exhibition, The Other House at the BMECP centre, you will encounter a haunted home – haunted by social and economic exclusion, by wars, by gender discrimination and by environmental disasters.

05 May 2018  -  31 May 2018
Other House

Yorkshire and Humberside

Thought provoking works of art exploring the current and ongoing issues of migration, dispossession and national borders are brought together in a major new exhibition opening at York Art Gallery this May.

04 May 2018  -  02 September 2018
sea the limit

South East

Our Lives is an exciting exhibition of art by foreign national prisoners 1-8 May presented by Kent Refugee Help.

01 May 2018  -  08 May 2018
our lives

Fatemeh Takht Keshian is originally from Iran. She holds a practice-based PhD in Art from Lancaster University, and a BA and a MA in Painting from Iran. Her practice combines drawing, painting, collage and video to articulate her identity and perceptions as an Iranian woman.

27 April 2018  -  28 July 2018

On April 7th 2018, Migrant Connections Collective will be hosting the second annual Migrant Connections Festival at the Stockwell Centre in south London. The festival will host a series of workshops on practical support and wellbeing, and music and theatre for people from all backgrounds to come along and chat, learn and see something fun.

07 April 2018  -  07 April 2018
migrant connections

Join Autograph ABP for a 2-day exchange, aiming to start a conversation about the models and methods, which could constitute a rights-focused approach to arts participation. The aim is to explore how the incorporation of social justice agendas and the upholding of ‘rights’ can shape, and challenge, the way arts engagement work is designed, produced and delivered.

18 April 2018  -  19 April 2018