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From the precinct of a pizza shop we embark on a journey across time and continents to explore how they got here, where they’re going and what they’ve learnt along the way. It’s a story of male and cultural identity, of family and fatherhood, a lyrical collage of memories,hopes, dreams and imagined realities.
24-01-2019  -  30-06-2019
pizza shop heroes
Stories of Sanctuary is embarking on a UK tour, visiting the North East in March, Yorkshire in June, the Midlands in August and the South in November.
21-03-2019  -  30-11-2019
Sink Without Trace will be the first exhibition to deal specifically with the subject of migrant deaths at sea, with a focus on works by migrants and refugees. A number of the works have been specially commissioned for the exhibition and it will be the first time that many of the works have been exhibited in the UK. The exhibition includes a number of found objects from shipwrecked migrant boats.
13-06-2019  -  13-07-2019
sink without trace