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Past Events

Toyland is at war. Written by children in response to the refugee crisis, Cut the Cord presents Beyond the Blue.
15-02-2018  -  17-02-2018
beyond the blue
Welcome Cinema + Kitchen kicks off 2018 with a screening of Oscar winning boxing documentary, WHEN WE WERE KINGS. The evening begins with Welcome Kitchen’s infamous supper club. Dishes from Africa to Asia make up a ‘world food plate’.
31-01-2018  -  31-01-2018
When we were kings
Alien Land is a devised solo show inspired by The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist, the first science fiction novel in the Middle East. Performed in Arabic with English surtitles, it is a dark comedy which looks at life under occupation and the contemporary refugee experience from a radical new perspective.
24-01-2018  -  28-01-2018
Alien Land
Reportage illustrations with texts portraying Syrian Refugees that artist Olivier Kugler met in Iraqi Kurdistan, Greece, Calais, England and Germany
06-12-2017  -  29-12-2017
Isabel Lima’s film addresses the migration crisis in general and the experience of displacement by Middlesbrough-based asylum seekers and refugees in particular. It explores the feelings, memories, anxieties, and aspirations of these groups against the backdrop of relevant governmental policies, news and public debates.
05-12-2017  -  05-12-2017
The goal of London Migration Film Festival is to portray the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration - including and beyond the refugee experience - in order to restore the dignity and humanity inherent within it. We hope to challenge the rhetoric that reduces migrants to simplistic categories: active enemies or passive victims.
30-11-2017  -  05-12-2017
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 18.10.06
Explore the Sukkot: Seeking Shelter installation after hours and enjoy art installations, crafts and talks inspired by themes of journeys, migration and shelter.
22-11-2017  -  22-12-2017
A comically absurd and quietly shattering journey to the heart of our tolerant and fair society. Serge stands before us. He has a performance to give. But why is he here? What is he claiming has happened to him? And what has Willy Wonka got to do with it?
22-11-2017  -  31-01-2018
the claim
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