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South East
02 September 2016  -  03 October 2016

Another Crossing

A Polaroid for a Refugee

Another Crossing – Root 1066 exhibition by Bern O’Donoghue & Giovanna Del Sarto

Murmurations Gallery, Bexhill On Sea

Part interactive, part installation – this thought provoking and challenging exhibition brings together two projects retelling the human stories behind every migration.

Bern O’Donoghue’s Refugee Crossing, asks you to explore what a refugee really is. Visitors can participate in workshops to make paper boats which represent the human beings behind the refugee, whether it be daughter, father, mother or son.

Giovanna Del Sarto is a photo-documentorarist who has been in the refugee camps over the last year. Her work highlights the real life stories of refugees in her A Polaroid for a Refugee project. Giovanna’s images capture a point of transition, between places; times; and lives; of the past and the future; and of things lost and of things yet to be gained. Her sad, poignant polaroids reflect the inner strength and dignity that some of the refugees try to maintain during their long and harrowing journeys. For every polaroid she takes, she gives one to the refugee as a reminder of the moment, and on the back is a simple statement..

“Where ever your destination may be – tell me when you feel you have reached a safe place.” This is a statement of hope but sadly for some, this may never occur.

Full details:!another-crossing-1066-2016/vgo3d