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Refugee Week

Sculptures from Kazzum
8th May 2017

An installation by Kazzum is available for suitable venues in London.

Kazzum’s Pathways programme has been engaging young asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants for over a decade. We use multi arts to support creative expression, professional and personal development and raise awareness.

Kazzum are collaborating with 5 groups across London to create a public art installation of interactive sculptures functioning as beacons of the individuality, uniqueness and potential of young refugees in London today.

Through creative workshops led by our Associate Artists Alex Evans , Arji Manuelpillai and Amanda Mascarenhas the young people have been exploring the subject of identity through art making and creative writing to design unique sculptures. The 3 sculptures (standing approx. 5ft high) will each resemble a series of stacked building blocks made of Perspex which will be lit, able to turn and reveal new possibilities and multiplicities of identity as imagined by the participants.  We like to think of them as a cross between totem poles, portraits and interactive profiles which reflect the difference of identities.

Each totem will be made of 3 stacked cubes – one representing the head, one representing the middle body and arms, and one representing the feet and land they are standing on. All the artwork created is being fused together by digital artist Andrea Pazoz.

The 3 sculptures are currently being displayed at the Museum of Childhood on 24th June and the 22nd July.

For those London venues wishing for more information or to host the installation to coincide with Refugee Week or after, please contact Lauren Irving, General Manager at Kazzum.

Tel: 02077491122

The work has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Swan Mountain Trust, Aston Mansfield and The Wakefield and Tetley Trust.