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Abdi Behravanfar



Abdi behravanfar was born in Mashhad ,Khorasan, Iran.
He got familiar with country blues music from childhood.He took lessons of harmonica and guitar in country blues style with Fliming Khoshghadami.set up the rock band named Mud .Mud band have few concerts in Mashhad and collabrated Mohsen Namjoo in album Toranj.
Abdi performed gigs in cafes with band and solo in Tehran and other cities in Iran.
He recorded and released four CDs named :Shalamroud,Kokheo & Kalakhet,Gham, White Dawrf and few singles with Mud band and solos .
he lived in Armenia to study jazz and learn how to use folk scales in jazz and blues and modern music.
to learn Korasan folk music he went to Ghuchan in northern Khorasan to took lessons of Dotar(Persian Lute whith 2 string) with Bakshi Almajughi.He recorded few songs of Bakhshi Almajughi and produced and released an album of the records of this master as the name Bakhshi Almajughi in 2017.also he produced a documentary film of Bakshi Almajughi as the name director of this film is Reza Khakshoor.
film screened with presentation and performance by Abdi Behravanfar in a symposium of contemporary verbal culture in Oxford university and BBC persian.also Abdi collaborate with Asheq Ali Akbar Bahari .this collaboration led to experiences in using Khorasani folk music in rock and blues. He composed music for 3 short, 3 Feature Movie and 2 plays.also a documentary named Sky without passport was made about him.he has been living in London since 2011 and has performed in various British cities and has collaborated with blues musicians in London.