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Actor wanted: How To Be Lucky
11th December 2018

By Stephen Burke

My theatre company recently researched and mounted an inaugural tour of a new play. Commissioned by Migration Yorkshire the play is called How to be Lucky and it is the result of research carried out with Syrians being resettled to the UK, specifically Yorkshire.

The production had been designed with age 15-19 audiences in schools and colleges as its principal target audience but it has also played to many adult audiences at mainstream theatres as well as community centres.

There was a very good response to the initial tour (October 2018) and several Local authorities in Yorkshire and some charities have asked us if we can re-mount it again and tour in Feb2019. 

This is a 2-hander piece, myself and another male actor. I deliver a facilitator role in the production and the other performer plays the role of Anwar, a 30 year old Syrian man. Anwar tells his story in monologue (in English- with a few lines of Arabic) .

Since the original actor is not available I am looking to re-cast, at very short notice, for a 4 week tour in February around Yorkshire schools and colleges. I am looking for an actor who might be able to play this role.

Ideally I am looking for an actor with significant experience as there are a great deal of lines to learn and it is mainly playing in schools to year 11 audiences daily.

The role is paid. The performer would have to be based in Leeds or York for the duration of the project. It is 7 days rehearsal from 21st Jan to 29th Jan then tour from 30th Jan to 1st March 2019.

For more information contact Stephen Burke <>