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Bards Without Borders recruiting chef for creative team
16th April 2018

From Bards Without Borders

Recruiting Chef for Creative Team 

Time commitment: 3-4 half days for planning from late April to late May, 1 full day workshop delivery in late May, 1 evaluation and grant writing day in early June. Further employment in our November project dependent on funding success.

Fee: to be confirmed

Deadline extended: 14/05/18

How to apply: email your expression of interest and relevant experience to

About Bards Without Borders

Bards Without Borders are a refugee and migrant poetry collective founded in 2015 by theatre director Arne Pohlmeier and poet Laila Sumpton with support from refugee arts network Platforma. In 2016 we toured our poetry and music show responding to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death to over 20 venues. In 2017 poet Edin Suljic joined our creative team and we began researching the theme of ‘Patriotism’- performing new work at the Write Ideas Festival. We are excited to be launching a new project which will draw together poets, musicians and chefs, yes, chefs! We are therefore looking for a chef who is keen on collaborating with artists to join the creative team of Bards Without Borders.

Our new project- ‘On Patriotism’

We are seeking to recruit a chef to help us plan and deliver a day long trial workshop for poets, musicians and chefs to explore the theme of Patriotism. The participants would both explore the theme within their area, and be inspired by the other forms to co-create new music, poetry and food for a sharing later that day. This trial workshop would inform our planning for a larger scale Arts Council funded project engaging more learners and featuring a well-attended performance dining event. The aim is that each participant returns to their practice and community enriched by the shared experience, with a new understanding of patriotism- which would then be further employed in their own practice.

The role

We are looking for a professional chef who has the practical know-how of all the things connected with kitchen management, food and dining and has a genuine interest in cuisine being the most important and binding ingredient in the structure of any society or group. Bards Without Borders are keen to work with someone fascinated in the history and stories behind food, and who both knows about the importance of food in their own heritage and appreciates and understands some culinary traditions of the different cultural groups in modern British society. Most importantly we are looking for a chef who appreciates verses and melodies of hungry poets and musicians! You would work closely with the two poets and theatre director that form the Bards Without Borders Creative team to plan, recruit, deliver and evaluate the taster workshop ‘On Patriotism.’

We hope to recruit a chef that can help us ensure that our trial workshop in late May will be a truly successful and joyful experience, and we will then hope to continue collaborating so that we can seek further funding to present our model in the places in and beyond London. 

Experience/knowledge in:

– Teaching/training chefs about food preparation and menu design
– Kitchen management, observing adequate health and safety procedures and budgeting (we will have limited resources for food purchase and a basic kitchen in a community space) 
– How to recruit interested chef participants

Interest in:

– Telling stories through food  the theme of patriotism and how this can intersect with cuisine 
– Working in a participatory rather than lecturing approach with learners
– Collaborating with artists to help chef participants develop new menus and recipes
– Working with the workshop team to support poets and musicians to find inspiration in the work of the chefs
– Working with project team to support the promotion, recruitment, admin, evaluation, project planning for next phase.