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Be Heard Museum
12th February 2021

Margarita Novikova offers an invitation for collaboration.

As a multimedia artist and a former journalist my expertise is to make thematic collections of real human stories interactive, aiming to amplify communities’ voices and create a mechanism for them to be heard.

I run an online interactive platform Be Heard Museum to present my projects based on the human stories collected in audio or video form (please read here the explanations of the projects if needed).

So far, I have been accumulating and preserving peoples’ stories and presenting them in an engaging, accessible form both online and offline (installations, performances, workshops).

I suggest that the process of collecting the stories is a kind of oral history interview or part of a community project. I offer to embed this process in the makers’ workshops (for example, creating embroideries, paintings, mosaics, collages; cooking, modelling, shoe repair, – whatever!), walks, gardening, drama, singing, reading, story exchanges or introducing community members. It can result in an interactive online archive of the project and/or in an artwork based on activities and narrations collected during the course of the project.

My programme sounds ambitious in lockdown. Let’s hope that we’ll soon be free of covid restrictions, but meanwhile, we can do some things in Zoom and collect the short stories as WhatsApp audio messages. Participants could also record videos; they could upload their videos to a particular Facebook page (group), for instance, or send via WhatsApp.

I am keen to find collaborators who work with communities and who are interested in preserving people’s stories. I am happy to become a part of an existing project or develop a new project together.

I look forward very much to getting in touch soon: