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Dance and Theatre

Beyond Borders at Young Vic
2nd April 2016
young vic

On 1st April more than 100 people joined our free half-day conference with Young Vic Taking Part to discuss theatre and performance with and by refugees and migrants.

Young Vic Artistic Director David Lan gave the initial welcome, and then Tom Green from Counterpoints Arts / Platforma explained how the event followed on from a previous session in 2015 at Tricycle Theatre.

Imogen Brodie, Director of Young Vic Taking Part, outlined a new project with LGBT refugees and asylum seekers that will lead to a new production at the theatre in July. Working with a professional writer, director and actors, the project participants have been empowered to tell their own stories.

Sharon Kanolik, Participation Projects Manager at Young Vic, presented a recent project with young people on a movement-based performance of Macbeth that ran parallel to the main house production. The director who worked on the project, Caroline Byrne, explained the process of working over a number of weeks to develop movement skills and confidence and both she and Sharon emphasised how much they themselves had learned from the process.

Actor Juliet Stevenson then introduced a new project she is supporting documenting stories of refugees and migrants in Calais

Discussion groups then focussed on three subjects: 

– How participatory work can link to main house production
– Connections between work in the UK and overseas
– Pathways for artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds, from their first engagement to career development.

After the success of this event Platforma is now planning the next session with one of our regional partners later this year.