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Film and Multimedia

17th January 2017

By Stephanie Gervais. I am an artist with a proposal for an exhibition during Refugee Week 2017 in association with the Manchester-based Syrian advocacy organization Rethink Rebuild Society. Below I outline the projects and the different exhibition format they could take. I am looking for an appropriate space to exhibit this work in whole or […]

stephanie gervais

12th January 2017

Ricky Romain, Cedoux Kadima and Robert Golden introduce their new project. EXILE is a project that will rely upon metaphor and mood ​to transport the audience to a domain in which our shared humanity becomes paramount, where all the worst may be contemplated and all the best may be embraced. It touches upon lost dreams […]


By Nevil Mountford from Picture People. Last year Picture People, supported and funded by Hayata Destek/Support to Life (an organisation we have worked with for the past 12 years in various countries) made The Proverb Sessions with Yazidi and Syrian refugee youth in Turkey. This project understood and deconstructed proverbs and then reconstructed them into […]


1st April 2016

In 2016, In Place of War launches its first ever film programme, CREATE Film Festival, a series of events and screenings that celebrate and explore the multiple roles that creativity can play in generating positive social change in sites of conflict and post-conflict. They are looking for films which explore and document creativity in such […]

In Place of War

By Kathryn Horak-Halett from Cardboard Cameras. About six months ago Cardboard Cameras was put in touch with Valeria Ragni at the Red Cross, whilst working on a whole-school art project in Southwark. Working with refugees and asylum-seekers is something we had always wanted to do, so we feel really lucky to be given the chance […]

cardboard cameras

21st October 2015

Berlin-based producer, director and film-maker Daniela Lucato introduces her new project When I Dance. When I Dance is a feature-length documentary about the artistic research of four dancers from Israel, Spain, and Italy, and the approach they take to interpret with their bodies the stories of some refugees. The film will follow the process of […]

when I dance

Artists’ collective Virtual Migrants are setting out on an ambitious tour with their new production Continent Chop Chop exploring the connections between austerity, migration and climate change. And it’s coming to the Platforma Festival in Leicester! Learn more about Continent Chop Chop in the short films below. Full details and booking for Continent Chop Chop […]

virtual migrants