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Dance and Theatre

From coming to the UK in the back of a lorry to performing at The Pleasance By Syed Najibi, Emirjon Hoxhaj, Awet Mohamed Ali and Kate Duffy of Phosphoros Theatre Company ‘Can you bring the play to Brighton, Bradford, Sheffield, NEW YORK!’ Here’s five thousand dollars to make Dear Home Office the Movie!’ That is […]

dear home office

By Andrea Jones.  The shadowy, shape-shifting possibilities of Brexit and the Trump administration have had some positive effects – in publishing at least. Diversity is a must. Agent and Editor calls for ‘own voice’ narratives are frequent. Some observers call it a trend, and that’s the wrong word. The movement is more well-intentioned than ‘trend’ […]


CALL-OUT FOR WRITERS White Rabbit: The Future In line with this year’s Refugee Week theme of ‘Our Shared Future’, White Rabbit are hosting an evening of new short stories responding to the theme of The Future. In a rapidly changing world, they are inspired to explore what utopian/dystopian futures lie ahead. White Rabbit are looking […]

white rabbit

12th January 2017

Ricky Romain, Cedoux Kadima and Robert Golden introduce their new project. EXILE is a project that will rely upon metaphor and mood ​to transport the audience to a domain in which our shared humanity becomes paramount, where all the worst may be contemplated and all the best may be embraced. It touches upon lost dreams […]


A Christmas present to Members of Parliament hopes to change the tone of the debate on refugees and seeks a more compassionate response to a worldwide issue. On Tuesday 13th December 2016 from 2.15 – 4pm at an event in the House of Commons, MPs will be given a copy of A Country of Refuge. […]

country of refuge

9th November 2016

By Tolu Agbelusi. At 14, I moved to the UK from Nigeria with my family. The dream was far more exciting than the reality of attending school with a different accent, in a different country, with people who thought and verbalised various assumptions, including that I must have been living in trees because that’s what […]

when I find home

My names is Eric Ngalle Charles and I was born on Buea, Cameroon. I was not always known as Eric Charles, I went with my maternal grandfather’s name which is Mosre Mo Ngwa, loosely translated to mean ‘Dog of Dawn’. When father Francis baptised me in the early parts of 1980, then my name was […]


7th July 2016

By Hannah Pillai, ArtReach. As part of Refugee Week 2016, ArtReach hosted a live music and spoken word event – VOICED – to showcase the talent of the East Midlands refugee community, in association with the Platforma Network. The basement of The Exchange in Leicester became a glittering lair where the audience sat back, relaxed […]


23rd June 2016

Author Zana Fraillon introduces her new book The Bone Sparrow. We are at a point now, in human history, when we most need the guidance of global leaders with compassion, courage and dignity. It is a sad irony then, that those very people who show such traits are locked behind barbed wire fences, or stuck […]


An opportunity for poets from The Leaveners, a charity that promotes social engagement and change through the arts. We welcome poetic submissions for the month of September 2015 on the theme of Displacement: Hope and Humanity. Displacement affects millions of people worldwide, and though these are often times of great suffering, helplessness and hardship, stories […]


1st July 2015

Writer Lucy Popescu has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish a new anthology of writing on asymlum seekers, A Country Of Refuge. “Most of the refugee stories we read about in the media are negative,” Lucy explains. “But the the reality for those fleeing persection is more often about the emotional scars of torture and […]