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Performance and Live Art

Collective Synchronisation
13th December 2016

By Monika Dorniak

Collective Synchronisation: An open invitation to a workshop on biological rhythms

15.01.2017 / Sunday / 11-6pm / Tate Modern, London / Free

Teacher: Monika Dorniak, MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins,

More Information: exchange/art-school

Whether we perceive them consciously, or let them run, rhythms are essential parts of our life: our heart beating, our breath rising and falling, our brain forming beautiful waves. In stressful times we lose connection to our telling rhythms, and sometimes we can’t hear their signals because of the surrounding distractions. While each person has different rhythms, the functions are the same for each body. The difference and repetition of each organism fascinates me, for it can remind us of our similarities rather then otherwise.

Based on my interests I created a workshop for the Tate Exchange ‘Art School’ in January 2017. The Tate Exchange ‘Art School’ is a week-long collaboration between Central Saint Martins School (CSM) and Tate Modern. It gives CSM students the opportunity to develop workshops from their artistic and/or scientific research.

My workshop connects us on an essential level: with body rhythms, such as heart-beat, breathing or brain-waves. In the first part of the workshop we will talk about body rhythms, for example the effect of stress or relaxation on the mind and body. In the second part we will create short performances in partner or group works using clapping, whistling, breathing and others. Throughout the day every participant will be supported to develop exercises, and perform those to the public. The partner work will strengthen the group by having time to get to know one another in depth.

Currently I am studying in my final year in MA Art and Science, and write a dissertation about the value of analogue work and collaboration between human beings and other organisms in nature. My background in fashion design, psychology, and choreography connects with my multicultural polish-german background and agricultural upbringing on the countryside. Due to my different nationalities I often had problems to find a feeling of belonging in the village where I grew up. I found safety in nature, making art or crafts, and being part of musical orchestras.

I am combining my background with my ongoing conversations with Dr. Merle Fairhurst, a postdoctoral research fellow from the Rethinking the Senses Project at the Institute of Philosophy, UCL. She has researched a.o. the sensorimotor synchronization using a finger tapping task to describe how this may scale up to larger temporally coordinated activities, e.g. group music and dance.

Prior to my MA studies I lead workshops and worked with a.o. children with migration background, blind people, contemporary dancers and scientists in different countries. In my practice I am often collaborating, for example with dancers, scientists or philosophers, as I believe that by connecting people from different backgrounds, we can exchange knowledge and find more complex solutions together.

If you are interested to participate on the 15th of January, please enrol by 02.01.2017 by emailing to my address with your name, age, and a little text about yourself (For example: What are you interested in? Where are you from? What do Rhythms mean to you?). No prior experience with Music or Performance is needed, but an interest in Contemporary Art, Group Work, Performative Experimentation and Basic English is necessary. For further questions you can write me an email. Looking forward hearing from you!

More Information about my work: