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Common Ground Response: Platforma Festival Opening
23rd October 2017
Exhibition Print

By James Easey

This post is a response to one of the many exciting events currently happening for Platforma Festival in Newcastle.

Visiting the Vane Gallery in Newcastle for the Launch of Juan delGado’s exhibition ‘Common Ground’ was a thought-provoking and powerful experience.

Seeing delGado’s film use vivid nature imagery to portray the emotions of migration, resettlement and the commonality between all of us was a very moving experience. His use of perspective and depth was a key feature in this exhibition, helping create a human connection with the content. 

As Isis Arts and Juan delGado spoke about the journey this ‘Common Ground’ exhibition has taken, and the people they have worked with, there was a huge sense of achievement as we all saw it manifest materially in the gallery. One featured artist, was Mohammad Barrangi, who uses original methods from the Iranian school of Art Saqqa-Kana. His use of Persian calligraphy and alphabetic shapes in conjunction with religious motifs in his prints speaks volumes in regards to Barrangi’s story telling of his home culture.

Read more about the exhibition here

This exhibition is showing at the Vane Gallery, Newcastle, 19-21st October.