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Conversations From Calais goes big
21st May 2021
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The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of JACK, JACK ARTS and DIABOLICAL has collaborated with Conversations From Calais for the latest instalment of their Your Space Or Mine Project, which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street.

Conversations From Calais documents conversations between volunteers and migrants and pastes them onto city walls, as a way of re-humanising the refugee crisis. The collaboration with BUILDHOLLYWOOD will see these simple yet thought provoking conversations take over billboards for the first time, and will be displayed in eight UK cities.

Conversations From Calais started out as a DIY poster project by French and Italian graphic designer and illustrator, Mathilda Della Torre in October 2019, from a feeling of extreme frustration with the way refugees were being portrayed in mainstream media and by politicians in the UK.

After having volunteered in Calais, Mathilda spent a year trying to find ways of documenting and sharing what she experienced there. She wanted to create a project that was impactful and dignifying to the volunteers and migrants she had met. She wrote down all the conversations she had with migrants she had met and it grew from there.

“This ever-growing collection of conversations focuses on capturing the diversity of experiences and avoids creating new stereotypes of displaced people as villains, heroic figures or hopeless victims. There are so many different stories and some of them describe things like the beauty of a blue sky, the reassurance of a phone call with our mother or the need for hand cream. I think those are the ones that remind us that we are not as different as we are told.” – Mathilda Della Torre

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