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Move across Tate Exchange through commissioned installations, symposia, and participatory workshops exploring living archives, the power of popular culture and crossing borders; migration, mobility and citizenship; and the politics of cultural policy, language diversity and translation.

21 May 2019  -  25 May 2019

After a series of pilot events across England and Nogales (US/Mexico border wall), the first performingborders | LIVE concludes with a day of performances, commissioned premieres, talks, food, and provocations at the Live Art Development Agency in London.

22 June 2019  -  22 June 2019

In the Embodied Social Change workshop by Camille Barton, dance, somatics and mindfulness are used to explore how oppression is rooted in the body and how we can shift its hold on our lives using mindful attention and movement. The work is intended to generate new approaches to activism that focus on the body, as well as the mind.

06 July 2019  -  06 July 2019

A conversation between interdisciplinary artist Anti-Cool and curators osborn&møller (UK/Denmark), presenting the UK premiere of Anti-Cool’s three-screen video installation On Returning, which explores the history of several British families and couples, separated and disrupted by current immigration policies.

24 April 2019  -  24 April 2019
on returning

Toynbee Studios 28 Commercial Street E1 6AB 7.30pm. Free. Book your place online. On Akka’s Shore is a 60min cinematic performance combining film, text, soundscore and rap, exploring the chaos of memory in relation to personal and collective history; a meditation on a past, present, and future that has been continuously disrupted. Uama has developed […]

07 March 2019  -  07 March 2019
Akkas shore

This half-day event, part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, is organised in collaboration with the Department of Social Sciences, UCL to explore how different art forms can contribute to knowledge exchange and public engagement around timely research questions about migration.

07 November 2018  -  07 November 2018

TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU, Love Letters to a (Post)Europe is an intimate collection of letters, poetry and postscripts by artists and writers that seeks to connect, exchange and witness through the action, idea or form of a love letter.

04 October 2018  -  06 October 2018
to you


What is your favourite t-shirt? When did you get it, was it a gift or did you buy it? Are there any special occasions you wore it for? Has it travelled with you across borders? Using t-shirts as the playful start of an exchange, the performance choreographs memories into a visual poem, with t-shirts used as an encounter with time and memory, with losses and liberations of living in transit – from an artist whose own performances and t-shirts have been crossing borders on five continents through the past decade.

27 April 2018  -  27 April 2018
T-shirts image for Rich Mix 2_0

Who Are We? Art, Migration And The Production Of Democracy. A week of experimental production at Tate Modern, London

22 May 2018  -  28 May 2018
who are we

Explore the Sukkot: Seeking Shelter installation after hours and enjoy art installations, crafts and talks inspired by themes of journeys, migration and shelter.

22 November 2017  -  22 December 2017

Join poets of different faiths and no faith to explore their experiences of conflict and the role of religion in war. See if such weighty topics can be challenged by humour – a vital weapon for survival.

05 November 2017  -  05 November 2017
poets perspective

A young man, Twistov, has gone missing in London. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ OLIVER TWIST and the experience of migrant communities currently living in UK cities, TWISTOV explores identity and home and who we become if both are taken away from us

30 October 2017  -  18 November 2017

The past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in war and natural disaster accompanied buy a worldwide surge in far right politics. This has resulted in an estimated 21 million forced migrants worldwide. How can we respond to this as artists and scholars? This session aims to highlight the links between displacement and art and discuss the challenges of creating work about an on-going crisis.

27 October 2017  -  27 October 2017