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Explore the Sukkot: Seeking Shelter installation after hours and enjoy art installations, crafts and talks inspired by themes of journeys, migration and shelter.

22 November 2017  -  22 December 2017

Join poets of different faiths and no faith to explore their experiences of conflict and the role of religion in war. See if such weighty topics can be challenged by humour – a vital weapon for survival.

05 November 2017  -  05 November 2017
poets perspective

A young man, Twistov, has gone missing in London. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ OLIVER TWIST and the experience of migrant communities currently living in UK cities, TWISTOV explores identity and home and who we become if both are taken away from us

30 October 2017  -  18 November 2017

The past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in war and natural disaster accompanied buy a worldwide surge in far right politics. This has resulted in an estimated 21 million forced migrants worldwide. How can we respond to this as artists and scholars? This session aims to highlight the links between displacement and art and discuss the challenges of creating work about an on-going crisis.

27 October 2017  -  27 October 2017

Gresham’s Wooden Horse is a project by artist Isabel Lima that brings together people from communities living in Gresham, central Middlesbrough. The project is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Trojan Horse, built by Greek soldiers as a means of infiltrating and taking control of the city of Troy. Lima uses this symbolism to stimulate a collaborative action among Gresham’s community.

24 September 2017  -  24 September 2017

‘The Xenophobia of Time?’ is a week-long exhibition curated by Ying-Hsuan Tai exploring the pertinent issues of migration. It takes place in Clerkenwell Gallery, London from 30th May to 4th June 2017. Works by the artists Edwin Mingard, Nele Vo*, Shao-Jie Lin and Ting-Ting Cheng examine the intricacies of a particularly uncertain future created by the processes of obtaining entry to a state, renewing a visa or gaining citizenship.

30 May 2017  -  04 June 2017

50 Rooms is a new performance by Natasha Davis about the lives, spaces and times between breaking and repairing, about ageing and about being ‘infected’ – with new thoughts, utopian dreams and an arrival of something different in a space already claimed by others.

17 March 2017  -  17 March 2017
Natasha Davis.Fifty Rooms.image for Rich Mix_0

Who are We? is a week of drop-in activity, dialogue, artist-led workshops, debate and lively disruption, asking what it means to belong – across and within borders. This event is programmed by Tate Exchange Associates: Counterpoints Arts, Loughborough University, The Open University, University of Warwick.

14 March 2017  -  19 March 2017

“We need a place for healing and community in times of grave injustice and inequality. The week is defined by UK premieres by renowned international artists telling of lost communities, languages and culture; a search for homeland.”

23 November 2016  -  27 November 2016

Yorkshire and Humberside

The Art of Migration – new work from six regional artists celebrating Refugee Week June 2016. A vibrant and topical showcase of new work commissioned from six talented emerging regional artists with refugee & migration backgrounds.

17 June 2016  -  25 June 2016
art of migration


The Home Is Project is a multimedia multi-arts exploration of the impact of physical, emotional and psychological displacement on people’s concepts of home. Building on stories collected from a selection of interviews and workshops recorded as part of the project, five acclaimed poets Tolu Agbelusi, Tshaka Menelip Imhotep Campbell, Russenї Fisher, Jemilia Wisdom and Belinda Zhawi will create new poems which will be developed into new pieces of work by an array of visual artists.

29 June 2016  -  29 June 2016

Counterpoints Arts is collaborating with Southbank Centre in London for the launch of Refugee Week on 19 June as part of their world famous Meltdown festival – curated this year by Guy Garvey and featuring Robert Plant.

19 June 2016  -  19 June 2016
guy garvey

Following a successful screening of Eyes with No Barriers at the Exhibit in Balham, the Paper Project are back with an evening screening of short films, discussion and networking. All the films have been made with the support of individuals and organisations that focus on support, empowerment and training for migrants and refugees.

24 March 2016  -  24 March 2016