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Responding to one of the greatest humanitarian issues of our time, this collection of new works features artists from Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Syria and the UK as they uncover the stories of people forced to leave their homes.

02 June 2016  -  11 June 2016

There There have dissected the Eastern European stereotype perpetuated by politicians and the media; what’s left is the often grim daily immigrant reality. This show is an invitation: to step behind the headlines, drop the accusations and have a wider conversation about immigration, integration and alienation.

18 March 2016  -  18 March 2016
there there

A Learning Lab focusing on the unique interdisciplinary methodologies and creative thinking behind the performance duo There There, as they embark on audience development for a wider touring of their Arts Council England funded, Eastern Europeans for Dummies.

28 January 2016  -  28 January 2016
There There

Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab in partnership with the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities, University of Durham, the Performing Arts, University of Northumbria, Platforma Arts + Refugee Network and The Forge, reflects on the performance, film and installation work of London-based artist and researcher, Natasha Davis.

30 October 2015  -  30 October 2015

Platforma Festival – Internal Terrains explores life as a choreography of decades, in search of what’s at stake as we move from one decade to another. Poetic and sensual, the performance plays chords with films and installations, crows, cages and electric shocks.

04 November 2015  -  04 November 2015
Internal Terrains