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Film and Multimedia

Exile Project
12th January 2017

Ricky Romain, Cedoux Kadima and Robert Golden introduce their new project.

EXILE is a project that will rely upon metaphor and mood ​to transport the audience to a domain in which our shared humanity becomes paramount, where all the worst may be contemplated and all the best may be embraced.

It touches upon lost dreams and forsaken aspirations, upon the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness and back again, and upon our undying need to love and to create hope.

As artists we have developed a collaboration in film, painting, poetry, photography, music and dance devoted to human rights, and to telling a story of exile, refugees and freedom.

It will be composed of the following:

A painting, by Ricky Romain, divided into 72 separate images. The frames relate the ancient story of 36 guardians of humanity and their 36 substitutes who exist because the world is never in balance unless all 72 exist at the same time. The guardians are there to selflessly right our wrongs and help the injured and sorrowful.

A film, by Robert Golden, will be projected in the same space as the painting. See the attached description of the film.

A third element will reveal why and how a particular person was forced into exile and became a refugee. This film will be created by Cedoux Kadima, young Congolese painter and film-maker.

We are committed to helping audiences grasp the human realities of exile, migration and the oppression, which challenge our understanding of our shared humanity.

Full details are here:

If you would like to know more, or are interested in hosting the exhibition please do get in touch: