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Featured artist: Dima Karout
1st August 2018
Dima Karout

Photo: Arteh Odjidja

Dima Karout is a visual artist and an art educator based in London. In her research, artwork and classes she advocates for socially engaged art.

“I work with mixed media and I create images, texts and installations,” Dima explains. “In my projects, I focus on subjects related to the evolution of identity beyond borders and the metaphor of home; I trace moments of internal and external conflicts; and I explore the relation between people and places. I am inspired by life and interested in the human soul.”

Dima grew up in Damascus. “In 2005, after finishing a BFA in visual communication from the Fine Arts University of Damascus, I started an international journey. I have an MFA in contemporary art from Paris VIII University, and a certificate in creative writing from Concordia University in Montreal. I have worked on different continents and discovered many cultures while developing experience in curating art exhibitions and organizing cultural projects. Since 2008, creating educational art programs and teaching stand as an important part of my life.”

In her exhibitions, Dima presents installations combining images based on photos she has captured in different cities around the world and texts that express the consequences of displaced lives in the challenging world we all share today. “My previous art projects reflect on humans’ experiences in dealing with visible and invisible boundaries, the loss of home, exile and the quest for identity. They also shed the light on the greatness of the human soul and its invincible force to survive.”

Dima currently lives and works in London. Her latest project, Human Bridges, has an ambition to cross continents and connect humans from across the world – via art.

Find out more on Dima’s website

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Boarding Pass, The Globe, London


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