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Featured artist: Gil Mualem Doron
6th July 2016

Gil Mualem Doron is an artist of boundary blurring and the challenging of signs that purport to construct the landscape of civil meanings. His work is multidisciplinary, socially engaged, activist and political, and combines research on art, architecture and urban culture. His artistic activities integrate various media, from drawing and photography to installations and performances, but they also include such trivial acts as walking, eating, demonstrating, burning, guiding, conversing, collecting garbage and donating blood.

Gil’s works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, in magazines and books, in public spaces and in community and cultural institutes in Israel and Europe. Mualem Doron has been awarded artist-in-the-community scholarships, the Henri Ford Conservation Award, and grants from the Arts Council of Great Britain. Still, his works are not easy to digest. Some of were been confiscated, he was threatened for some of his political works, police was called to intervene in one of his performances, and the fire brigades were summoned to another.

Gil has been working in various media including photography, painting, installation and performance. His created participatory and collaborative works with various disaffected communities, among them Palestinian youths, immigrants and homeless people. His work from 2000-2013 was portrayed in the book “Mind the Gap – Transgressive Art & Social Practices”, which was published in 2014 with the help of the Lottery fund for the Arts. At the blurb for the book, Prof. William Menking, of Pratt Institute and the Editor of the Architect’s Newspaper wrote: “… Gil Doron is one of those brave truth tellers who sees the inequities in daily life and highlights them through his art, which is neither didactic nor simple-minded. As this book makes clear, he is a fearless magician who translates ideas and ethics into art objects, social practices and spatial actions”. Reviewing the book, Beverly Naidus, the author of Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame, wrote: “Mualem-Doron’s engaging and provocative body of work is elegantly catalogued here, offering the reader a deeper understanding of what it means to subvert in an oppressive situation. He is a trickster, creating community dialog and participation, while serving up invisible and often difficult histories to the casual passer-by or gallery visitor. Thank goodness for this edgy artist, pushing against the status quo in such a compelling way”

The book pdf can be downloaded here:

Currently Mualem-Doron is working on a series of agitprops and participatory workshops on the issues of social justice, refugees’ rights and cultural diversity. Recently he founded SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon in Brighton which gives a space to exhibitions and social gatherings that deals with social and political issues and to developing new participatory art practices and socially inclusive engagement with the arts. Currently, he is fundraising to create in SEAS an artist residency for artists from conflict zones. For more about Gil and SEAS see: & EMAIL:

Here are some samples of Gil Mualem Doron diverse work:

The New Union Project (2014 – on going):

The New Union Flag reflects on England’s colonial past, and Britain’s present multi-cultural society. The work is at the centre of a participatory art project and a political campaign in which hundreds of people took part in the past two years. The project comprise of a new design for the UK flag, and a participatory photography sessions that took place since 2014 in galleries, art institutes, social gatherings, and demonstrations.

Commissioned by Platforma the New Union Flag was developed into a photography exhibition and a room installation for the Turner Contemporary’s Sunley Gallery alongside Yinka Shonibare’s (MBE) sculptural work the “End of Empire”.

More info and photos of the project can be viewed on and here:


A Safe and Secure Rout (A gift to David Cameron) (2016)

A handkerchief printed with a manipulated news photograph of refugees on the channel Tunnel railway David Cameron promise of a safe and secure passage for his family and friends on their way to the summer holiday in Europe. The handkerchief was sent to 10 Downing Street during Refugee Week 2016.

Cameron H

The Eucharist (2015)

A series of 5 Porcelain plates printed with digital collages depicting the themes of the plight of refugees in the Mediterranean and the colonial past of Great Britain. The plates are placed on a small raft made out of drift wood found on the shore and accompanied with gold plated fish knife and fork. The work was made for an imaginary banquet hosted by David Cameron and Nigel Farage.

The Children of London for the Children of Gaza (2015)

A workshop, part of the project “Gaza Toys Drive” in which children in London created greeting cards for Gaza’s children which envisaged the rebuilding of Gaza. The workshop included a short introduction to architectural design history which after the children used various ethnic fabrics to create collages that portray the rebuilding of Gaza. The project was shortlist for the “Peoples’ Arts Prize” UK


Changing Homes: a workshop with Ethiopian descendant teenagers and children on models of traditional Ethiopian house (2013)

The six month project started with investigations of a group of teenagers about their Ethiopian history, traditions and famous figures. The findings were put into a collage and then into models of the Ethiopian traditional hut (Tukul) while talking about the images.

Polls Stories (2013)

A six months project with elderly immigrants of diverse ethnicities and their families creating art objects that double as the 5 Polls street game as well as telling the elders personal histories in a playful way.

5 polls project-crop 5 polls project-crop1