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Dance and Theatre

I-DENTITY at the BFI reflections
8th December 2017
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By James Easey

The United Nations’ We The Peoples Youth Day at the British Film Institute, on the 18th November, was a hugely important and celebratory day.

I was lucky enough to see Lucrezia Pollice’s film I-DENTITY, a film celebrating refugee and migrants contributions to the UK, but also valuing their individual identities as human beings irrespective of their relationship to anybody or anywhere else.

The film perfectly captured a bubbly, positive, and genuinely happy atmosphere. The art spanned from painting, to spoken word and from poetry, to traditional dance. A true amalgamation of a migrant micro-community expressing their varied identities, but also what unites us.

What solidified the importance of this project, and proved the beaming smiles in the film were not temporary, was when at the end of the film Lucrezia Pollice welcomed the whole team to take a bow together. They were still laughing, hugging, and making jokes; from I-DENTITY‘s one-day workshop a network of friends, colleagues, and peers was born.

Lucrezia Pollice is working with Sophie NL Besse’s PSYCHEdelight theatre company and their workshops with people from the Jungle in Calais. She is seeking funding and hoping to expand the I-DENTITY project.