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Dance and Theatre

I-dentity – UN We The People’s Youth Day
13th November 2017

Lucrezia pollice’s I-dentity workshop was a day of making sculptures, paintings, writing monologues, spoken word and creating music together to explore what Identity means. 

We started our day with conversations about our journeys to London, both artists and almost every facilitator was not born in London, and only a small proportion of the large cohort were self identifying as British. We mapped ourselves to be a genuinely international group; from Sudan to Greece, Canada to Iraq, USA to Syria, Somalia to Spain, Argentina to the Congo as well as many more countries.

We played some games, had many jokes, and ate food together: a fast, but very encompassing trust building morning which got us in the creative mood. 

From here we paired up, refugee artists with facilitator and made some form of art to present our multicultural Identity.

I worked with one young man and together we painted some old dis-used trainers. I made a Britain is open trainer with a union Jack and several ribbons and hearts. My peer-painter created a new Nike trainer he saw to be the best fashion. We wanted to explore how shoe’s are powerful signifies of travel, and how we can use these to facilitate discussions and take ownership of our journeys.

I listened to some traditional Greek music, fused with a local language from the Congo, a beautiful monologue, a traditional Syrian dance, poetry, paintings, sculptures and spoken word.

This project, and these pieces of art, were recorded and they will be made into a short documentary film. They will be shown Saturday 18th November at the British Film Institute, South Bank.

Booking Link : I-Dentity Film Screening

There will be a screening of the film and a Q&A, booking is free.