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In My Bubble
27th April 2018

In My Bubble

In my bubble
l see love
I see unity
I see peace
In my bubble there’s no separation
In my bubble there’s no colour
I see humans, just humans,
Under one sky

Oppression pressing on my bubble
Discrimination, denting my bubble
Plastic smiles, pricking my bubble
Marginalisation, mounting my beautiful bubble

Double standards, squashing my bubble
No, my bubble will not burst
Crashed maybe
Bruised maybe
Perplexed maybe
However… This bubble will not burst!

Written by: Laura Nyahuye Artefact: Laura Nyahuye Photograpy: Taskin Capar Model: Tamaira Hesson


My interpretations, My perceptions

My name is Laura Nyahuye, I am an Artist. I am very passionate about women and community issues. I find myself drawn to subjects to do with Migration, Isolation, Marginalization and Oppression. My areas of interest when categorised as above seem broad, however l personally see them as one subject matter. It’s all Humanity. How we live as beautiful created beings.

I recently had a successful exhibition showcased at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. The support was overwhelming. The exhibition ‘I MIGRATED’ is seeking to raise awareness, awareness that MIGRANT, NON MIGRANT (If there’s any non-migrant?) we are all HUMANS with red blood running through our veins. Can you imagine that MIGRATION is still an issue in this day and age. Migration is happening on a daily basis. Call me naïve; my brain refuses digest the so called Cons of migration. ‘I MIGRATED’ echoes the voices of women who have migrated via Body Adornments, Creative writing and Photography

I find it enriching to meet/work with people from all walks of life, culture, beliefs and countries. I have integrated well into my adopted home, the UK. This journey of discovery that I’m on is teaching me that Blacks, White, Brown or Blue, we are facing challenges some similar, some slightly more pressing than the other (discrimination, racial abuse, tokenism, classifying, on and on and on). In the process of suffering these issues, we have matched them with Colour, Class, Age, Gender etc. As a result, I’m finding that as a black woman when l stand up to say no to Tick box, Discrimination, Marginalization the assumption that quickly comes with that voice is ‘It’s a Black thing’. I am constantly finding myself having to separate the weeds from the real thing.

What happened to being simply HUMANS with red blood flowing through our veins please?

Take for instance the issue of Marginalization and Tick box exercise. Black people are experiencing it, Disabled people are experiencing it, White people are experiencing it, Men and Women are experiencing it and Children are experiencing it…..what next?

Side note…

There’s a race against something…., Is it Power? Positions? Status? Is it possible that the same hand that ‘Rocks my Cradle’ can stifle me once it has accomplished its own goals?