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In Transit – exhibition available for hire
11th March 2019
in transit

A photographic installation showing life as it was in the Calais Jungle and the Dunkirk refugee camps. A moving documentation before they were razed to the ground. By Jacky Chapman and Janine Wiedel.

“Despite the prominence of the camps in liberal and reactionary media alike, the fate of their one-time inhabitants is now slipping from public consciousness with all too predictable ease. In Transit, is pitched against precisely this collective amnesia. Bringing together some two hundred photographs, taken in the camps by Jacky Chapman and Janine Wiedel across 2016, the exhibition offers an urgent reminder of the destroyed sites’ existence, and a poignant testament to the people now moving ever more precariously to the edges of political agendas”. 

Erica Zimmermann, Photomonitor 

Two years on from the initial launch of our exhibition ‘In Transit’, we find ourselves realising the importance of sharing these photographs once again.  While the camps were far from ideal, their destruction in left refugees without any community support causing unprecedented hardship.

The Jungle, in Calais was razed to the ground in October 2016 evicting 10,000 migrants/refugees including 800 children.  In April 2017 Grande-Synthe in Dunkirk (France’s only official migrant camp) went up in flames leaving a further 1,500 people including 120 unaccompanied children homeless overnight.

The Exhibition

“The photographs are presented in a varied installation: including floor pieces, collaged sequences, and small-, medium- and large-scale, framed and unframed works. A sense of variety also enlivens the thematic arrangement. From a section on the shops and public spaces of the camps, we are guided through domestic settings, amenities, schools and religious buildings towards the coldly bureaucratic shipping containers and perimeter fences, built up in the wake of earlier fires. Across these thematic subsections, there is an effective shift of tempo and photographic modes: intimate portraits sitting amongst more distant establishing landscapes, wide-angled close-ups of the camps’ multiple textures and interiors against an almost Becher-esque cataloguing of the personalised exteriors of the wooden shelters in which the one-time inhabitants resided.”

Erica Zimmermann, Photomonitor 

Previous Venues include:

Gallery 101, The Salvation Army International Headquarters, London

Dulwich College, London

South Hampstead High School, London

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