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9th February 2021
'Flower Power' Textile workshops in prisons.DSCN9652

Artist Varvara Shavrova is looking for online collaboration with women from refugee and migrant backgrounds


‘InFlight’ is a new socially engaged project which explores the historical development of the first knapsack silk parachute in Russia; the use of used parachute material as a replacement for wedding dresses in the UK and the current use of parachutes to deliver supplies in conflict zones around the world as part of refugee relief.

Visual artist and educator Varvara Shavrova is offering workshop sessions to migrant and refugee women’s groups, to develop a giant soft sculpture of a parachute made from recycled dresses that women can embroider with their stories. Varvara Shavrova comes from the former Soviet Union, and is a visual artist, curator and educator whose work explores the themes of borders, migration and personal histories. Her installations often comment on women’s labour, with methodologies of drawing, constructed textiles and digital imaging.

WHAT: Varvara is offering an introductory online workshop session where you are invited to explore ideas and work with fabric and thread to create, embroider and sew images that might be associated with subjects such as  home, family, journeys and safety.

HOW: The participants will receive individual sewing kits in the post. The introductory session will be held online, followed by a series of online workshops that you will be able to sign up for. The sessions will move to face to face interactions when this becomes possible. Translator will be available to help with the workshops’ content throughout the project. No previous experience is necessary, all materials will be provided and the process will be explained in detail.

WHEN:  February-March 2021

For more information contact Varvara Shavrova via

'Flower Power' Textile workshops in prisons.DSCN9758

'Flower Power' Textile workshops in prisons.DSCN9792