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Introducing Bevin Magama
16th October 2017

Ahead of the Platforma Festival later this month, we are using the Platforma blog to introduce some of the people who will be attending

Bevin Magama writes:

I am a Zimbabwean-born performance storyteller and author living in Cardiff, Wales. I came to the UK as a refugee in 2001. My book Vicious, is an autobiography about my upbringing and seeking asylum in the UK. It is available on Amazon Here

Also available online is my second book, Dreaming All Things Great, a collection of poetic prose. I am also in the process of polishing up my first novel, Along Came Thieving Whispers, which would be available early next year.

I work a lot with schools conducting storytelling workshops and performances. In this regard I continuously work closely with the Arts Council of Wales on their Creative Schools Scheme working in my capacity as a creative practitioner. In my community, I have been involved in outreach programmes with youth groups, particularly on anti-bullying campaigns. Work in this regard can be seen on Magmatic Stories page, an organisation I founded, a platform of multidiscipline artists providing engaging storytelling workshops and performances in schools and youths settings.

I took part as an actor in National Theatre of Wales production called Bordergame, an immersive theatre piece where the audience played the role of asylum seekers. This production won awards and was given a four-star rating by the Financial Times. Last year I was also involved in the Roald Dahl’s City of The Unexpected where I told Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes to an audience of over 25 000.

Presently I am working with the Welsh Refugee Council on a one-year project entitled Noddfa, facilitating a series of storytelling workshops and training that create a space for refugees and asylum seekers to explore stories of migration and seeking sanctuary.

To know more about why I do what I do, visit my blog. My Facebook page, is also in place. I kindly request you to LIKE my page.

To see more of the type of stories I share, please visit and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Here is one of my stories. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Platforma Conference 2017!