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Maps and Refugee Journeys
5th February 2018
road to germany

By Megan Barford

Maps and Refugee Journeys – Collecting at the National Maritime Museum

A new collecting project at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich revolves around understanding the ways in which maps are part of, implicated in, and reflect on, refugee journeys in the twenty-first century.

This includes digital, hand drawn and printed maps; maps used for navigation, contemporary art which happens to take cartographic form, and maps used for story-telling. It includes journeys through bureaucratic systems, as well as through physical space. Maps help us explore the relationship between culture, space and creativity, and the resulting collection will enable an exploration of maps’ fluid status, as art works, as political tools, as pragmatic resources, as forms of memory as well as planning. This project draws on the commitment of the National Maritime Museum to ensure that such stories are present in national collections, for audiences both today and in the future.

If you know of, or have, maps of any sort which you think would be relevant to this project, especially if you feel it would be appropriate for a Museum collection, please email me with more details at

road to germany