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Migration Blanket
23rd February 2018
migration blanket

A new Exhibition showing the struggles, hopes and dreams of Refugee and Migrant Women opens at the Library of Birmingham on 8th March to mark International Women’s Day 2018.

A ‘Migration Blanket’ created by the women from Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Senegal together with International Artist Salma Zulfiqar shows the challenges they face with integration in the UK as well as their ambitions as part of the project Creative Expressions by Women on the Move, funded by the Arts Council UK and National Lottery.

Many of the women taking part in the project have had tragic journeys and have recreated them on canvas over a series of workshops between January and February 2018. The project has also received support from Journalist, Author and anti-racism campaigner, Yasmin Alibhai Brown who addressed the women during a creative session and inspired their artwork by sharing her personal stories of integration.

At the opening ceremony on March 8th you will hear from Amina – a Somali refugee who arrived in the UK in 2002 as an unaccompanied minor and has managed to turn her life around. In the future she wants to go back to Somalia and help build her homeland. And Mehreen from the Kyber Pakhtunkwa region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. She is an Asylum seeker and having no status for years has left her unable to provide for her children properly – despite having the skills and ambition to work and become a role model for other women.

International Artist Salma Zulfiqar who is also from Birmingham, has lived and worked all over the world with the United Nations and wants to promote integration of migrants and refugees to tackle racism and hate crimes and prevent extremism.

Special guests at the opening ceremony include Khalid Mahmood MP and Shadow Europe Minister. Mariam Khalique, Mentor and former teacher of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai as well as a representative from the UN’s Migration Agency, IOM.

The opening ceremony will start at 11AM-1PM on March 8 in the Gallery Space in the Cafe mezzanine -Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square Birmingham City Centre. For more details please contact: 07790 477412.

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