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My Name is Laura Nyahuye
20th October 2017
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Ahead of the Platforma Festival later this month, we are using the Platforma blog to introduce some of the people who will be attending

My name is Laura Nyahuye, l am a Zimbabwean born Artist. I migrated to the UK a number of years ago. I am a Speaker, Artist, Designer, Creative writer and Motivator and Founder of Maokwo Social Enterprise (Tackles Isolation using creative activities)

My work is mainly influenced by the challenges women face, the tenacity women have and the multiple roles women take on daily basis, all around the world. I have interests in communities’ well-being. I like simplified questions of life, I enjoy the questions and conversations l tend to have with groups of women in my community (as we crochet, have a cuppa or create something mind blowing). They might be called the socially disadvantaged or underprivileged, but l beg to differ….. They are rich, rich in what matters in life (story for another day)…… I want to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts/musings that trigger my creativity……..

I see so much worth, value, so much privilege in being a ‘Woman’….Question is, then why does it come across like a fight…a struggle…a gender issue…a woman’s right issue, to be a woman? Why can’t I just be…… just embrace…. whom God created me to be and enjoy it!

……..Faith and beliefs have such a great impact in our lives…. a shame this subject brings so much discontent in society sometimes…….? I thought faith and belief is equals love….

……..Migration of those who seem to be ‘Disadvantaged’ tends to cause havoc in various countries, funny that the migrating of those who seem to be Advantaged doesn’t trigger the same result….. Yet, what about the richness of mixed culture, skills and insights, migration brings all around the world. Aren’t we ALL under one sky? I thought we ‘All’ have red blood running through our veins…

……..On immigration status, l have a mix bag of feelings on how a piece of paper can control how one can live their lives or rather cease to live their lives. Labels like; illegal immigrant, over stayer, indefinite leave to remain, refugee, no recourse to public funds on and on it goes……..

………I find it amusing, interesting and sometimes slightly disheartening when I am invited to a seemingly good looking meeting/event, only to discern that after all the fantastic discussions and potential links, l am a tick in the box. To tick that an African person attended, to tick the Equal opportunity box …….. Are they really equal……..? Just a thought……

Please find below a piece l wrote inspired by a lady l had a good conversation with…

is it Me….? is it Them…..? is it the System….?

When  l was a young girl l had dreams
Dreams to teach…..
Dreams to be a leader
Dreams to be somebody  

My teachers told me
l was clever
Yes l was clever
I was a Maths Guru
I was a Science Guru
I was a Guru full stop!  

Tick tock… tick tock…
The clock is ticking….
I am still the Guru…
Round and round the circle I go….
Is it me….?

I’m still a Guru….
Doors are closing on me….
Is it them….?  

I’m still a Guru
With dreams fading away…
Is it the system…?  

When l was a young girl l had dreams….
NOW… my young children have dreams….
Fading away….
Is it me…?
Is it them…?
Is it the system…?

 by Laura Nyahuye      
inspired by A Lady

INSTAGRAM: @Laura_Nyahuye 

INSTAGRAM: @maokwo  

TWITTER:      @maokwo