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Fairbeats, based in London,  works with young refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants and their families through music. Their history of delivering music workshops goes back to 2009 and their output has steadily increased over the years.  They are looking for a new Chair to work closely with Fairbeats’ two Directors and board of trustees to drive […]


By Cristina Orsini This Sunday 14th January, I will launch the very first pop-up space (until 31st January) of the social enterprise I have co-founded, called Thraedable. Within the white walls of an empty property where the Camden Council used to have a small office, I am hanging drawings made in different parts of the world, informative […]

pop up

13th December 2017

The fourth Platforma Festival took place across the North East of England in October 2017. It was a showcase of brilliant new work and an opportunity to share ideas, challenge concepts and build networks. A #creativecase congregation in the heart of Newcastle. Inspired by the continued brilliant work of the @PlatformaArts @ace_thenorth — […]


By James Easey The United Nations’ We The Peoples Youth Day at the British Film Institute, on the 18th November, was a hugely important and celebratory day. I was lucky enough to see Lucrezia Pollice’s film I-DENTITY, a film celebrating refugee and migrants contributions to the UK, but also valuing their individual identities as human […]

BFI image

3rd December 2017

The Party Somewhere Else are a maverick collective of female artists, promoting and showcasing creative performance work that is female led. They are hosting a festival in Nottingham, primarily based at Nottingham Playhouse, from 19-25th March 2018. Our stages and spaces will be exploding with excitement, energy and equality, fuelled by women with the power […]

the party

10th November 2017

By James Easey Yesterday I attended Welcome is a Radical Act: presentations, screenings, workshops & performance, exploring the impact of welcome in the lives of migrants and refugees at Goldsmiths University. Sue Mayo began the day by reflecting on last year’s conference, re-drawing attention to the metal health of those seeking, or attempting to seek, […]

Welcome is a radical act

2nd November 2017

Samra Mayanja reflects on her experience at the recent Platforma Festival 2017 Platforma Festival has been an invigorating and challenging two days for me. Usually, I split my time between spaces primarily focused on art or activism but rarely the two. I seldom find myself in a place where art is used as a tool […]


A new film by Sue Clayton (UK 60 min) Sue Clayton writes: As the Calais jungle was set to be razed in October 2016, there were over 1900 unaccompanied minors stranded there – many of whom had a legal case to enter the UK. Sue Clayton fought to get these children recognised and their cases […]

Calais Children

30th October 2017

By Zsuzsi Soboslay I say to you, my friends,..there are certain things in which I am proud to be ‘maladjusted’.. I say very honestly that I never intend to become adjusted to segregation and religious bigotry… to the madness of militarism… It is no longer the choice between violence and nonviolence. It is […]

Gordon Parks

I am one week away from being in Newcastle for Platforma Festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s the first time that I have been invited to represent Migration Collective anywhere, let alone outside of the London-bubble that I have lived and worked in for more than two years. Perhaps what I’m the most […]

mc team at lmff

By James Easey This post is a response to one of the many exciting events currently happening for Platforma Festival in Newcastle. Seeing 100 Newcastle Primary school children, dressed in the colours of the United Nations, perform a musical about refugee acceptance and treating all people with respect was a hugely uplifting and heartwarming day. […]

As Free As a Bird

By James Easey This post is a response to one of the many exciting events currently happening for Platforma Festival in Newcastle. Visiting the Vane Gallery in Newcastle for the Launch of Juan delGado’s exhibition ‘Common Ground’ was a thought-provoking and powerful experience. Seeing delGado’s film use vivid nature imagery to portray the emotions of […]

Exhibition Print

20th October 2017

Ahead of the Platforma Festival later this month, we are using the Platforma blog to introduce some of the people who will be attending My name is Laura Nyahuye, l am a Zimbabwean born Artist. I migrated to the UK a number of years ago. I am a Speaker, Artist, Designer, Creative writer and Motivator […]

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 19.27.09

  Monthly Exiled Lit Cafe: Monday 6th November 2017 at 7.30 pm Arts Across Borders On Stage. Poetry: Abol Froushan, Afsaneh Gitiforouz, Alev Adil and Alemu Tebeje. Theatre: Performance from ‘Evros: The Crossing River’ by Seemia Theatre plus discussion with the director and actors. Music: Song and accordion by Grace. Film: Clips from ‘Football Dream’ […]

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