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17 March 2017  -  17 March 2017

50 Rooms by Natasha Davis

Natasha Davis.Fifty Rooms.image for Rich Mix_0

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

£12 / £10

50 Rooms is a new performance by Natasha Davis about the lives, spaces and times between breaking and repairing, about ageing and about being ‘infected’ – with new thoughts, utopian dreams and an arrival of something different in a space already claimed by others. This is an episodic exploration of ideas of home, belonging and in-between spaces, connecting art and science by using memories of distant events, magic realism, stem cells and martial arts.

Natasha Davis is a performance and visual artist with over 40 solo and collaborative projects in a range of media including live performance, installation, film and publication. She has worked in partnerships based in the UK and internationally, most recently with the University of Ottawa, VCA Melbourne, DDL Toronto and Science Gallery London, and she regularly collaborates with Counterpoints Arts and Platforma.

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