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Past Events

Phosphoros Theatre Company presents: But everything has an ending: an anthology of digital performances in response to COVID-19. As told by those who have had their lives interrupted before.
20-04-2020  -  26-04-2020
But everything has an ending graphic copy
Art Refuge uses art and art therapy to support the mental health and well-being of people displaced due to conflict, persecution and poverty, both in the UK and internationally. Building on their work with refugees, they invite you to sit around a virtual community table and help create a patchwork tablecloth.
23-03-2020  -  31-05-2020
All welcome: every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5-6pm LIVE ON FACEBOOK - join the Play for Progres family of performers, well-being practitioners, artists and young people for live performances, classes, sharings and more.
20-03-2020  -  30-04-2020
Given the current situation regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 we have unpublished all listings for public events. If you have events that are still going ahead in some way and would like them listed, please email
18-03-2020  -  30-06-2020
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LegalAliens' powerful and evocative production features the cast rotating through the roles of migrant, politician, citizen, CEO and a VIP bot, all part of a perverse and random mechanism. A live camera projects part of the action on screen, as our lives become increasingly part of a gigantic video game in which even the most dramatic situations - boats crossing the Med, border control techniques, the selling of weapons - can be sold to the public as glamorous products.
03-03-2020  -  08-03-2020
closed lands
'Flight' is a new feature documentary by Vaughan Pilikian. Shot in during 2015-16 at five locations on the chaotic and dangerous overland route through Europe, it revisits the founding event of our era.
27-02-2020  -  27-02-2020
shado is taking up residency in Bermondsey Project Space for two weeks in celebration of LGBTQI+ history month. This year they are focusing specifically on the experiences of, and barriers faced by, those seeking gender or sexual asylum.
11-02-2020  -  22-02-2020
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In an age of mass displacement, what does it mean to feel ‘at home’? Video Jam presents five commissioned short films by artists based around the world, each scored by a different UK composer, reflecting on home and history, desire and estrangement, nationhood and mythology, extinction and exile.
07-02-2020  -  07-02-2020
video jam
A brand new intercultural collaboration from four Birmingham based musicians. Combining folk influences from Haiti, Zimbabwe, UK and America with strings, percussion, synths, electronics and vocal explorations, come and hear some never-heard-before music from some of the region's most exciting musicians.
07-02-2020  -  07-02-2020
As award-winning theatre-makers Border Crossings create their new play about these indentured migrations, the company of actors from Mauritius and the UK begin to feel the weight of history in their own lives and their responsibility to the past. Join them as together they question who has the right to tell a story and who has the right to be heard.
06-02-2020  -  23-02-2020
great experiment
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