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Yorkshire and Humberside
01 November 2021  -  01 November 2021

between two shores


Artist Henna Asikainen presents her new participatory art project ‘between two shores’ which addresses climate change and especially climate induced migration, its human rights implications and the climate injustice at its roots.

2pm: Presented live via Zoom as part of Platforma 6.

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Although profoundly global in its reach, ‘between two shores’ is grounded in the environment of Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island) and the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve – an environment threatened by sea level rise. As well as being an iconic, ancient and sacred site and an ecologically important location the island and its disappearing causeway serve well as a metaphor for the intention of the project.

The Island is after all a place of sanctuary. Henna will be exploring the many layers of the ‘between two shores’ project – from the concept to the practicalities of preparation, creating and getting the conditions right for an event to take place.

The presentation will be followed by Q&A to discuss Henna’s work and broader questions about the arts, displacement and climate injustice.

Finnish artist Henna Asikainen is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Her artwork often involves participatory elements and has centred on engaging with people with lived experience of migration and displacement. These projects have been built around communal and social experiences within rural landscapes and have examined issues including inequalities in access to nature and green spaces, migration, the sense of belonging and human’s complex relationship with nature while advocating the philosophy of friendship and radical hospitality. She also contributed to Platforma 4 & Platforma 5.

Image: from ‘beyond two shores’ by Sharon Bailey