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07 November 2021  -  07 November 2021

Borderline on film – premiere


Theatre company PSYCHEdelight present the premiere of a new film of their landmark production: Borderline, a comedy about a tragedy. Live online, as part of Platforma 6.

7.30pm, on Zoom – reserve a free place via Eventbrite

PSYCHEdelight facilitated art based workshops in the Calais refugee camp throughout 2015 -2016. Sophie Besse, a theatre director and art-therapist, witnessed among an eagerness for comedy as a way for people to contrast and express their experiences. This gave her the impulse to create “Borderline”. The show was the result of 6 weeks devising period with an ensemble of European and refugee performers altogether from 9 different nationalities : Uk, France, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Italy, Palestine, Chile and Sudan. 

Since 2017 the show has been performed to audiences across the UK and internationally, including in India, Denmark and Switzerland.

Now, for the first time, Borderline has been filmed. For this world premiere, live on Zoom, members of the company will also talk about what the work means to them, the effect it has had on their own lives and the wider impact across the arts sector and beyond.

Listen to a feature about Borderline from The Guardian

Photos: José Farina