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30 April 2016  -  30 April 2016

DARE Festival


Upstart Theatre presents
DARE: A festival of new theatre that crosses borders

Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Saturday 30th April 2016 @ 2pm
Tickets £6

What’s it like to leave everything behind? What’s it like to grow up feeling stuck between two cultures? What’s it like to push beyond the pain barrier? What’s it like to become addicted to yourself?

DARE is a festival of in-development performance, giving artists a platform to share bold new ideas with audiences at the earliest possible stage. This year, they’re working with artists from across the country and beyond to present work themed around ‘crossing borders’. We dare you to join us!

This year’s DARE Festival will include:

Bards Without Borders
An hour of poetry, eulogy, music and revelry commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death – bringing together London poets from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

The Cycle Play
A solo show by Simon Carroll-Jones. Directed by James Blakey. We invite you to observe the last hours of a hero. A tragic account of a champion cyclist’s journey from greatness to death whilst the world closes in around him.

Half and Half
A solo show by Jennifer Jackson. Directed by James Blakey. A show about being torn in two cultures – Sunday morning He-Man cartoons underscored by Panpipes of the Andes, ticking the ‘mixed other’ box, and traditional Bolivian dance.

Haven’t Had Sex For Two Years And It’s Coming Out Of My Arse
A solo show by Heather Long Directed by James Blakey. “I’m a serial monogamist. I’ve been learning how to be alone for the past year and I found her, my soul mate. Myself. Me.” What happens when we become addicted to ourselves?

North Country
A new play by Tajinder Singh Hayer. Directed by Alex Chisholm. If your whole world was destroyed…what would you do next? Three teenagers, Harvinder, Nusrat and Alleyne, struggle for survival in a post-Apocalyptic world. Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead. In Bradford.

Phone Home
Devised by Upstart Theatre. Text by Zodwa Nyoni. Directed by Tom Mansfield. Phone Home is an innovative theatre project about refugees, migration and Europe, made by artists in Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom in collaboration with refugee and migrant groups in our three countries.