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Yorkshire and Humberside
06 November 2021  -  06 November 2021

Friendship Through Puppets

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6 million+ present the climax to Platforma 6, a parade of giant puppets in Dewsbury (11am) and Batley (2pm)

With representatives from Kirklees Syrian community, local refugees and local volunteers of all ages working together, 6 million+ are creating a giant figure of a Syrian woman, representing the struggles and gifts of Syrian refugees who have settled in Kirklees.

There will be sessions in textiles, sculpture, music and performance to create the puppet and bring her to life.

She will be the seventh and final ‘Weeping Sister’ created by 6 million+ and will be a resource for  commemorative parades for Holocaust Memorial Day and other civic occasions in Kirklees for the next 5 years. 

6 million+ lead creative arts projects with an extended family of refugees and local communities. They exchange and express stories of the Holocaust, genocides and contemporary persecution at home and abroad. They challenge discrimination of any kind and work towards a kinder future.

Friendship Through Puppets is supported through individual donors and organisations including Creative Scene, Counterpoints Arts and Kirklees Council.

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