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North East
24 September 2017  -  24 September 2017

Gresham’s Wooden Horse – parade


Gresham’s Wooden Horse is a project by artist Isabel Lima that brings together people from communities living in Gresham, central Middlesbrough. The project is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Trojan Horse, built by Greek soldiers as a means of infiltrating and taking control of the city of Troy. Lima uses this symbolism to stimulate a collaborative action among Gresham’s community.

Through a series of summer workshops led by Lima and her collaborators (including the artists TILT), a group of local people – Gresham residents from different cultural backgrounds – are building a wooden horse using the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art’s technical facilities. Participants are learning new craft skills to create the work, and the work is presented around the museum as they are made.

On 24 September, the participants will parade the work from the museum to Gresham. This public unveiling aims to instigate conversations about lived experiences there. The sculpture’s location will then become the site of a month-long series of communal activities developed with local charities and informal community support networks.

Gresham’s Wooden Horse is commissioned by Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. The project is supported by Arts Council England, Platforma Festival/Counterpoint Arts.

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