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15 June 2020  -  20 June 2020



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world is under lockdown. Some places it’s stricter than others but nowhere is an exception. This lockdown and isolation might be new to many people but for some, it’s not so new. People all over the world, before the pandemic, were already forced to live in isolation due to different reasons including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and migration status.

To highlight the effect of isolation more generally, Haven Coffee are launching a one-week online exhibition during Refugee Week 2020, starting from 15th of Jun.

They are exhibiting work of 4 wonderful artists – from migrant, refugee and non-migrant backgrounds – to explore the theme of isolation, and how they define it. 

Join them by registering your interest here; and be part of this wonderful experience throughout the #RefugeeWeek2020 from 15th to 21st of Jun. #Isolation #Covid-19 #simpleacts