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North West
11 September 2020  -  11 September 2020

It Takes a Decade & The Big Walk

it takes a decade

‘It Takes a Decade’ & ‘The Big Walk’: Online Screening & Publication Launch

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In partnership with the Justice, Arts, and Migration Network Mansions of the Future will premiere It Takes a Decade, a short film by artists Natasha Davis and Jane Olson, part of The Big Walk project. Following the screening we will launch The Big Walk: It Takes a Decade a free publication from the Justice, Arts, and Migration Network imprint. The event will conclude with an open panel discussion.

This event will take place using Zoom, the free online video chat service. 

Initially conceived by artist Natasha Davis as a 12 mile walk from Lincoln Castle (Lincoln’s Victorian Prison) to Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre (Swinderby, Lincolnshire) It Takes a Decade has been reimagined as a short film – supported by sound artist Jane Olson. It Takes a Decade is staged through ten episodes, mirroring the number of years on average that a migrant’s life is impacted upon following a period of involuntary detention or displacement.

The ancient practices of pilgrimage and walking the walls, beating the bounds, will be re-oriented to an acknowledgment of how the policy of detention without trial plays out in real time for real people in our own county. The walk was not intended to mimic or replicate the work and activities of existing protest and asylum support organisations but will be a collective action, response and acknowledgement of the detention / removal centre and the lives within. 

it takes a decade

Image from “It Takes a Decade” by Natasha Davis