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09 March 2022  -  02 April 2022

Mohand & Peter

mohand and peter cropped

A new play from PSYCHEdelight at Southwark Playhouse

Full details and booking:

Cast: Mohand Hasb Alrosol Abdalrahem and Peter Pearson

Director: Sophie Bertrand Besse

No more borders.

Mohand and Peter will travel everywhere and anywhere in the blink of an eye.

A backflip in time, a quick hop back home, with humor and visual poetry they’ll take you on a road trip through Sudan jumping from one character to another, including Omar Al Bashir, Mohand’s 450 cousins, and a lazy camel.

Mohand and Peter bounce on one of the toughest international news stories of the decade: Mohand’s home country.

Like two brave clowns, they fight horror with laughter, ridicule the monstrous, and, as Sudan is facing a new dictatorship and more massacres, Mohand and Peter work tirelessly with their heart and talent as only weapons to build a magnificent pedestal for Mohand’s beautiful country.

“Every day for the past 5 years since we created Borderline, I witnessed how much my cast miss their homes. I saw pictures of beautiful lakes, mountains, and ancient buildings; Videos of family gatherings, birthdays, and silly cats. I faced screened brothers, sisters, but also nieces and nephews. Those kids that we spoil at weekends but that they never held in their arms because they are not allowed to go back. Not for a wedding, not for a funeral, never. Their country is not just a war zone or a Talibans’ nest, it’s their homes. With Mohand & Peter, we aim to celebrate them.” Sophie Bertrand Besse (director)

PSYCHEdelight is a participatory Theatre Company of Sanctuary founded in 2011 by Sophie Bertrand Besse, a playwright and theatre director trained in both drama and therapy.

mohand and peter