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04 July 2015  -  04 July 2015

My Skype Family


Purcell Rooms, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London


Theatre company ice&fire explore human rights stories through performance.

Hear the true stories of families who have been torn apart by rules made by the UK government.

‘When I discovered the rules, I didn’t believe it at first. I read them again and again – I thought I was dreaming. But sure enough, it did apply to us. I felt helpless. I felt like half a man. I mean – not being able to keep my family together.’

In July 2012, the government radically changed the family migration rules, adding a new minimum income requirement for British nationals wishing to sponsor children, spouses or close family members from outside Europe.

43% of employees in the UK do not earn enough to meet this requirement. Falling in love with a foreigner now comes with a hefty price tag.

My Skype Family is the UK premiere of a documentary play that explores the lengths people have been forced to go to in order to keep their families together as a result of these rules.

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