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07 March 2019  -  07 March 2019

On Akka’s Shore

Akkas shore

Toynbee Studios 28 Commercial Street E1 6AB

7.30pm. Free. Book your place online.

On Akka’s Shore is a 60min cinematic performance combining film, text, soundscore and rap, exploring the chaos of memory in relation to personal and collective history; a meditation on a past, present, and future that has been continuously disrupted.

Uama has developed this work with her friend Tareq Al Jazzar, writing fictional memoirs based on Jaz’s experience of hallucinations and her own dreams, which mirror and blend into one another to speak of a collapsing world, out-of-body experiences and superpowers. They slip between Akka, Jaz’s city of origin in Palestine, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he was born, Beirut, Umama’s birthplace, and London where they both currently live.

“Yesterday I dreamt that I was flying over the streets of Beirut. I was my camera, my body and my eye and all of me was one with the lens. You asked me how it was. I told you, the feeling resembles everything in it. Do you think places get stuck in time when we leave them?” – Umama Hamido

On Akka’s Shore is a SPILL commission, supported by Jerwood Arts through a Jerwood Visual Arts Bursary and by Artsadmin Artists’s Bursary Scheme 2018-19.