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04 February 2020  -  09 February 2020

On Arriving

on arriving

Pit – The Vaults, Leake Street, London

On Arriving is a new one-woman play, exploring a young refugee’s fight for survival, as her country falls apart before her eyes.


We are transported back and forth through memories as she shares her journey; from the familiarity of joking with friends and navigating young love, to what it means to lose loved ones and what we call home.

Presented through a non-linear structure – reflecting the way we recall memories – this brave, poetic play looks at the human moments of one person’s choice to leave a place they have known their entire life, to set off for something unknown.

Sophia Eleni performs with deep, personal connection to the story of home and war, her own family having been made refugees when fleeing Cyprus in 1974 after the Turkish invasion.

The play is directed by Cat Robey, Deputy Artistic Director of Jermyn Street Theatre.

It is written by Ivan Faute, an award winning playwright from the US, who has worked with Bosnian refugees in America and minority students in Vietnam, where he lived for several years.