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03 April 2020  -  03 April 2020

Online concerts with Maya Youssef

maya youssef

Celebrated qanun player Maya Youssef is performing 3 live online acoustic concerts on the 3rd of April.

11:00 am GMT
16:00pm GMT 
20:00pm GMT

Join her live from the comfort and safety of your home.

Full information and tickets

There will be a 48 hours replay in case you can’t make it live The link will be e-mailed to you straight after the gig.

About Maya Youssef

One day when she was nine years old, Maya was on her way to the music institute in her hometown of Damascus. She was reluctantly studying the violin, but a beautiful sound was drifting through the air from a nearby taxi, and it stopped her in the tracks – it was the sound of the qanun. It blew her away, but the taxi driver laughed when Maya told him she was determined to play the instrument. “Girls don’t play qanun.” This was a man’s instrument played only by men. But not anymore.

Now based in the UK, Maya Youssef is hailed as ‘queen of the qanun,’ the 78-stringed Middle Eastern plucked zither. Maya’s intense and thoughtful music is rooted in the Arabic classical tradition but forges pathways into jazz, Western classical and Latin styles. It explores the emotional and healing qualities of music.

For her, the act of playing music is the opposite of death and destruction; it is a life- and hope-affirming act and an antidote to what is happening, not only in Syria, but in the whole world.

Her debut album Syrian Dreams, produced by the legendary Joe Boyd, was highly-acclaimed in music press around the world and has led to many awards, performances on prestigious stages such as the BBC Proms and WOMAD and recognition from the British government of her status as an exceptional artistic talent. In perhaps her highest honour, the Year 6 class of Dalmain Primary School in London is named ‘Youssef’ in recognition of her inspirational work.

maya youssef