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South East
03 October 2019  -  06 October 2019

Platforma 5 – Custom Folkestone

something held

Custom Folkestone presents: Something Held in the Mouth

A four day festival bringing together artists and creative practitioners to present a diverse programme of art, events, workshops and talks about the poetics of food, the politics of its migrations and the ways in which our bodies hold these stories. The festival convenes dialogues around the way food crosses boundaries and creates connections across the world, as well as exploring the intersections between art, food and local markets to forge new alliances through geopolitical conversations.

Events include:

6 October 

Counterpoints Arts presents:

14.00: Building alternative food banks –  Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olarescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom will run a participatory workshop on re imagining a better, fairer food bank system, aimed at empowering those in need. Looking at replacing dried, canned foods with seasonal, organic and locally-grown ones, they aim to create a more holistic model prioritising nutrition and food literacy by reflecting on our contemporary disconnect from food. Come help them build it together. They will be joined by  Ian Solomon-Kawall from May Project Gardens

16.00: Panel discussion – What role can arts & food projects play in developing understanding of migration & displacement?

17.00: Join artist and musician Lucky Moyo for the latest East Yard Community Meal.  Custom will be collaborating once again with Dr Legumes and Docker Bakery to produce a Zimbabwean menu designed by Lucky Moyo and friends.  This time we are also going to welcome Lucky’s band of singers, drummers and dancers to lead us in a musical community celebration! 

Part of the 5th Platforma Festival, produced by Counterpoints Arts