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South East
18 October 2019  -  25 October 2019

Platforma 5 – Lilacs In Bloom

Lilacs In Bloom

Jarman Building at the Canterbury Campus of the University of Kent, as part of the 5th Platforma Festival.

Lilacs In Bloom (2019) by Joy C Martindale is a participatory artwork made in collaboration with survivors of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. The participants of the project were a gentleman from Lithuania and a mother from West Africa and her three young children. Working with paint and scraps of colourful cloth collected by Joy along the tidelines of the coast in Southeast Kent, the artist and the participants explored creativity as a means of being free in the moment to choose how to express thoughts, feelings and ideas.

“Since 2016, I have been collecting and employing in my practice scraps of material that wash up on the shore. When I work with these found fabrics of everyday life, I am thinking about returning to them their material agency. Restoring individual agency is a central part of the journey of recovery for survivors of human trafficking and modern day slavery. The anonymous scraps of cloth provided fertile ground for exploring the restoration of individual agency as both the subject of the artwork and the objective of the project.”
Joy C Martindale (2019)

Joy C Martindale worked with the charity Migrant Help to carry out the project.

Lilacs In Bloom was funded by Arts Council England